Sharon Leone Shaw

Sharon Shaw
Our beautiful, feisty Sharon Leone Shaw passed away peacefully May 21, 2021 with family by her side. She was a mom, grandma, sister, wife and friend – to feel her love was to feel the most giving, genuine and complete love imaginable.  
She had a personality that everyone wanted to be a part of. Growing up she was always the protector of her siblings  - younger and older!  She was a graduate from Inglewood High in the 50’s and a high school Beauty Queen. She loved to roller skate and went to the roller rink as a teenager and was really good at it. She owned her own roller skates (white with wooden rollers!).  As she grew into adulthood, she loved roller skating along Venice Beach, visiting the beaches of California and spending time in the Sun.
She was a single mom most of her life raising 5 boys and was one of the hardest workers.  She worked all of her adult life to ensure her boys had food and shelter – she would work all day then come home to cook, clean, wash and most of all, to shower her sons with love, affection, and laughter.  
She was the accountant/bookkeeper for Santa Monica Seafood for years and when she quit, they had to replace her with 3 people! They begged her to come back with no success. She worked at many companies and wherever she worked she was the star performer – inevitably they all begged her to stay.  She started up her own entertainment company, The Sharon George Agency. Some of her bookings included booking entertainers to all the Comedy Stores and a contortionist musician on the Johnny Carson and That’s Incredible TV Shows.
She was like a second mom to her siblings and extremely protective of all of her brothers, sisters, sons, family and friends.  She would even take her baby sister, Mary, on many of her dates.  Mary would help her pick out what to wear, makeup etc. (the etc was lighting her cigarettes up for her because she was always late getting ready). 
Her personality always was a standout and people were always drawn to her. You could say she was the life of the party wherever she went, everyone loved her!  Even though she had a lot of heart ache during her life, losing her husband to cancer and then their baby son, Mark, when she was in her twenties and then later losing her sons, Jeffrey and Raymond, she always found the strength to keep going, to keep giving of herself and to keep loving.
She lived in a little country house outside of Galveston and it mirrored her personality! It was so interesting to look at everything and everything had its place – it was filled with antiques, plants, formally dressed mannequins, and all types a pretty ornaments.  She was meticulous about her home being clean. It was her oasis! 
If you were a part of her life, you may remember the many morning, afternoon or evening phone calls that were filled with comfort, love, and toughness.  In later years, these calls would involve a cocktail or two.  She loved her cocktail parties, whether on the phone or in her beautiful home, filled with stories, memories, and support for those she loved – she often lit prayer candles for those in pain, whether she knew them or not.  Yes, she was feisty to the very end, even though suffering from a lot of pain herself. 
She is survived by her sons, Russell and Shawn, her grandson, Chris, her daughter-in-law, Natalie, her granddaughter-in-law, Katie, her grandchildren and great grandchildren (she so loved her all of her grandchildren!), sisters, Mary, Pat, and Kathy, her ex-husband George, many nieces, nephews, cousins, extended family and friends.  We all love her very much and will miss her dearly while looking forward to our cocktail parties with her in heaven!