Rev. David Arthur Beaty

Rev. David Beaty

Rev. David Arthur Beaty passed away on the night of his 85th birthday in Dallas Texas.  Rev. Beaty was 85 years old.  Rev. Beaty was born to Arthur E. and Virginia L (Yeager) Beaty on August 20th, 1936 in Princeton, IN. 

David was the oldest of three boys: David, Don and Dean.  They were a rowdy bunch and known to experiment with fireworks, bombs, guns and knives in the house and were always looking for a new thrill.  Since their father was a Glider Pilot in WWII, they all had a love of aviation and speed.  Fast cars and airplanes were always in the picture for the Beaty clan.  It was always said they had jet fuel for blood that ran through their veins.

Their hi-jinks never followed them far, as their dad was a Baptist pastor …and they moved often from California to Florida and North Dakota to Texas, David never attended the same school two years in a row.

After trying out various colleges, he attended Tennessee Temple University where he met the love of his life, Barbara Jean Dowdle.  It is no surprise that on their first date he took her flying over Chattanooga.  While at Tennessee Temple, he decided to join the United States Air Force, where he pursued the other love of his life….flying jets.  During that time, he proposed to Barbara and they were married on February 12, 1961, in Asheville, NC, at Barbara’s home church, Edgewood Baptist. 

During his time in the Air Force, David felt called to the ministry which included a passion for missions.   Their first church was in Hoopeston, IL where they welcomed their first child, Lorilee.  Shortly after they began to pursue missionary aviation with Wcyliffe Bible Translators and JAARS (Jungle Aviation and Radio Services), out of Waxhaw, NC, they welcomed their second child, Monica. 

The next part of the training took them to the jungles in Mexico for survival training with a 4 year-old and an 8 month-old baby.  David thrived in finding new ways to conquer the jungle and make it home. From swinging on the vines, to  building a mud stove, to living in the jungle in a two story hut that he built with a machete and long grass for walls.   They had the river for water, baptisms, baths and entertainment. Who could ask for more?

Their assignment to Colombia as an airplane mechanic led them to a couple of years in the Llanos of Colombia where they welcomed their third child, David Andrew (Andy).  They also spent a couple of years in Bogota’ as the Supply Coordinator for the missionaries that were out in the jungle tribes.

Once that mission was complete, they returned to the U.S., where David began an Independent Baptist Church in Vincennes, IN.  This was the place they came to call home for nearly 20 years.  The Lord also led him to various other locations including Florida, Illinois and Nova Scotia and he pastored various ministries for over 60 years.

During all this time, he never lost his love for aviation and earned his glider pilot’s license, twin engine ratings and more.  Family outings would often include hanging out in airports, sitting in the car at the end of runways to watch the planes take off, aviation museums and air shows. 

He also never lost his love for speed and horsepower which included driving cars, boats, trains, buses, 18 wheelers and fire trucks.  He had to hold his foot off the gas when he had to drive a street sweeper from Florida to Canada, but he loved the adventure all the same.

His other hobby was travel and he liked it best when it was off the grid.  He made it to all 50 states and lost count of all the countries, but his proudest trips were to Russia during the Cold War, while smuggling in Bibles and two trips to Israel where he led many to the Lord and he always claimed it changed his understanding of the Bible and his ability to share it with others. 

After retiring from the ministry, he found that he still wanted to share the Gospel, so he took small jobs as a mall cop, parking lot security, gate keeper at oil wells and various other odd jobs. 

If you talked to him for very long, he would doubtless ask if you knew where you would spend eternity and if he did not have that opportunity to do that, he loved giving out Chick Tracts which always included the plan of salvation.  So in reality he never retired.  In fact, on the day before he graduated to Eternity, he asked Monica to give a Chick Tract in Spanish to the cleaning lady, who came in his room every day, and with whom he would speak in Spanish.  Maria may never know how special this was as his last act of ministry, but we trust that our Lord has touched her heart and she will be able to tell David when she gets to Heaven.

David is preceded in death by his wife, Barbara Jean (Dowdle) Beaty, parents; Arthur and Virginia (Yeager) Beaty, and brothers; Don and Dean Beaty.

David is survived by his three children, whom he has left a powerful legacy.  Daughters, Lorilee Beaty Broderson (Stephen); and Monica Gaye Beaty.  Son, David Andrew (Andy) Beaty (Alisa).  David is also survived by his six grandchildren, Karina, Abigail, Hannah, David Aaron, Bobby, Isabelle.

Family will receive guests for a visitation on Tuesday, August 24th, 2021, beginning at 11:00am at Park Cities Baptist Church-Ellis Chapel, located at 3933 Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX 75225.  A Celebration of Life Memorial Service will follow beginning at 12:00pm.  Upon conclusion of the service, a fellowship lunch reception will be held at the church.   Services will be officiated by Rev. Sam Silva and Rev. David Andrew Beaty.

Interment will take place at a later date at the Dallas National Cemetery, 2000 Mountain Creek Parkway, Dallas, TX.

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