Rebecca Lucio

Rebecca Lucio

Rebecca Lucio passed away on January 16, 2013 in Hitchcock, Texas. She was born February 18, 1931 to Jacinto and Dolores Gracia. She was preceded in death by her father Jose Jacinto Gracia, two brothers, Oscar and Jacinto Gracia.

Rebecca’s memory will be cherished by her mother Dolores Gracia, three sons, Areldo, Domingo, and Adam, five daughters, Maria, Virginia, Candida, Dora, and Sandra.

Rebecca was a dedicated mother and grandmother. She loved going to parties and dancing the night away. She will be greatly missed.

Don’t Be Sad When I Die


When tomorrow starts without me

And I am not able to comfort you

Please know that I love you

Cause I know that you love me too


When tomorrow starts without me

And you feel lost and blue

I hope these words I’ve written

Will help to see you through


Someday your pain will ease

Sadness replaced by fond memories

Come tomorrow you will hear

I love you whispered on the breeze


When tomorrow starts without me

Cause God has called me home

I turn, blowing a kiss for thee

Sad that you may feel alone


I will miss you tomorrow

As I take one last glimpse

A tear falls from my cheek

I’ll be going home


And tomorrow will start without me.