Leonard Bazan Barba

Leonard Barba


Leonard Bazan Barba, 69, of Houston, Texas passed away peacefully Saturday, January 18th, 2014 surrounded by his family. Leonard was born in Austin, Texas on August 20th, 1944, the third child of seven, to parents, David Barba Sr. and Anita B. Barba. Leonard moved to Houston, Texas in 1962 where he met the love of his life, Josephine Gutierrez and was married on April 25, 1963. Fifty years later, he was still a devoted husband, father, grandfather, and Great grandfather. Leonard worked most of his life as a Machine Tool Mechanic and professed to be a Mechanic at heart, this was obvious because, even in his retirement years he spent most of his waking hours fixing things around the house.

                Leonard is survived by loving wife of fifty years, Josephine Gutierrez Barba; two daughters, Linda Barba McIntyre and Lisa Marie Barba; brothers, David, Albert, and Emilio, and sisters Anita and Mary. Leonard is survived by five grandchildren, Michael C. McIntyre, Krystal M. McIntyre, Leonard Eric Barba, Vincent Andrew Zuniga, and Terry Williams Jr. and three great grandchildren, Alex, Adrian, and Zoe.

 Leonard was the nucleus of this family and he will be greatly missed by all.  He gave us all such wonderful memories to hold on to and cherish, and his candle will burn bright in all our hearts for all of eternity.



 We love you,

Husband, Father, Grandfather,

 and Great grandfather.