Lazaro Delfin Hernandez

Lazaro Hernandez

Lazaro Delfin HERNANDEZ but everyone knew him as Larry.  The MAN! The MYTH! The LEGEND!  The men wanted to be him and all the women wanted to be with him.  Well at least that’s what he’d say anyway. Larry was known for his humorous character so in his memory we shall keep it comical and full of bliss because he’d want it no other way.

It was a Monday, December 2nd 2013 at 4:20 p.m. just a few weeks shy of turning the age of 58, Larry peacefully laid to rest passing to the Heavens. One of his last requests was just to go home. Go home to the house he and his father built with their own master mason hands in Alvin, Texas. So respecting his wishes, his children Elisa & Gregory Hernandez brought him to his sanctuary and the Heavens called him home.

On December 24th1955 a bundle of joy was born in the Republic of Cuba.  When Larry’s parents Marcos Hernandez aka Papi and Elisa Torrez Hernandez  made chemistry that night little did they know they were creating a comedian that would bring so much laughter to so many people. On May 1st 1962 Larry and his beautiful sister Ana was moved to the United States via Florida by his father and mother, for the best chance at life to live in the great state of Texas. There is where he met a girl by the name of Patricia Spires with whom he’d create his family and make some of his most memorable times. Patricia and Larry met in 1977 at Milby High after being introduced to one another through Ana. They then had two beautiful kids. A few years later after meeting they joined hands in marriage in the year of 1981. Patricia was his one and only true love. Patricia was there by Larry’s side while he took his last breath and even through all the pain she still brought a sense of relief and happiness to his heart. It was a love that he was glad to have had experienced. Larry loved to tell stories and best believe 50% of every story was true. We just never knew which 50%. The “Beatles” were his hero’s. He too was a hero.  A hero to his children Lisa and Greg, grandchildren were Jeremy Hernandez, Destiny, Dylan, and David Davis, Desi and Tyler Hernandez.  Larry was a great brick mason trained by his father Papi. He naturally became a wonderful salesman which is why he sold health insurance and also sold cars for a little while. Larry could sell snow to an Eskimo. Some of his hobbies and sense of enjoyment consisted of aggravating his grandchildren, discussing politics, and proving the doctors wrong. You couldn’t come to his house and win a debate if you were against the Obama Administration. Best believe he didn’t care if you had a doctorates degree that scored highest in your class and went to Harvard he thought all doctors were idiots. He was determined to prove doctors wrong.

Mr. Hernandez was a strong man and fought till his last God giving breath. See life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. Rather if he was making you laugh till you couldn’t breathe, tickling the kids to where they couldn’t laugh anymore, or just knocking the breath out of you, he was well qualified.  He held on till he was surrounded by his loved ones and a prayer was prayed over him and once “HE” was ready and not when the doctor said he would go is then when he let go.  

Larry was survived by most importantly Chloe and Buford his two loving labs.  Daughter Elisa Hernandez-Davis, Son Gregory Hernandez and their spouses, grandchildren Jeremy, Destiny, Dylan, David, Tyler and Desi. Father Marcos Hernandez, Sister Ana and Husband Tim Petersen, Brother Marcos Hernandez Jr.  Predeceased by Mother Elisa Torrez Hernandez.

3100 Gulf Freeway, Texas City, Texas 77591
Saturday, December 7th 2013