James Richard McDonald Sr.

James McDonald Sr.


James Richard McDonald, a friend, brother, and father, unexpectedly left to be with the Lord on Good Friday the 30th of March 2018. He spent his last days in the care of his youngest daughter and her mother when he left our world.

Today we honor him for the light he shined. Ricky was born August 28th of 1947 the son of Lena Webster Bailey and Clint Castle McDonald. Second youngest brother of five (Clint Castle Jr, William Eugene, Larry Anthony, and youngest, Robert John) Durning.

Many knew Ricky for his strong mind and spirit, his vast knowledge of everything from God to life and work. A man many looked to for guidance and advice. Too smart for his own good and always trying to be the smartest guy in the room and to many he was. He will always be remembered as the strong Christian man that opened his heart to people searching for better. He was a father to those who didn’t have one, a man to those who didn’t know how to be one. He wasn’t perfect. What he messed up in his own life he tried to better in someone else’s.          

Ricky’s life he continued his education after high school at a bible college as well as serving in the United States Navy in which he was later Honorably Discharged. Ricky enjoyed the country along with traveling, grilling, fishing, and hunting. These where the many things he enjoyed, but he enjoyed them much more with his children and grandchildren. He made sure all his kin knew how to talk to Jesus, drive a stick shift, shoot a gun and make a mean burger.

He leaves behind four children MaryJo, James Richard Jr, William Mathew, and Jessica James along with his favorite companion, Fuzz.

Proud, stubborn, and faithful to Jesus he stayed true to the very end. Let us honor this child of God for the love and wisdom he shared with us was pure and enduring. Forever Rest In Peace James Richard McDonald. We love you.

Funeral Services will be 11:00 am, Monday, April 9th, 2018 at Carnes Funeral Home - Texas Cit Family will greet guests starting at 10:00am.