Jackie Lynn Timmons

Jackie Timmons
Jackie Timmons was born in Dallas, Texas in the heart of Oak Cliff. She was raised there as the only girl out of four kids and stayed in Dallas while having two boys, Billy Byrum and Joe-Nathan Timmons. She was married to - and stayed very close to Ernie Timmons throughout her time in Dallas. Eventually she moved to east Texas where she loved to fish and listen to the crickets and frogs at night. She always said that “her heart was in the country even though she was born in the city.”
At the end of her life she moved to Galveston with her son and discovered her love for bird watching and the beach. It was also a time that she and her son learned who each other were as adults and became good friends.
She was a kind soul that never turned down helping a single person. Her heart was pure and she never strayed from being kind to others. 
She is survived by her Son, Joe-Nathan Timmons and her ex-husband and friend, Ernie Timmons. We have chosen to honor her wishes of spreading her ashes over the Colorado mountains. There will be no memorial service.
Also, she would wish to have her view shared one time that she was adamant about: legalize marijuana, Texas!