Walter Kenneth Nelson Jr.

  • Jun 13, 2018 Mr. Ken you will forever hold a special place in everyone\'s heart that you have crossed paths with. I am truly great full for the 4 and a half years that I knew you here at ANICO, you always started the day off with a bright smile and cup of coffee. Rest easy my friend, until we cross paths again. Officer Gentry
  • Jun 12, 2018 Kenny was one of my Besties that I could count on one hand: now I have a finger missing. He was kind, generous to a fault, loved deeply, and was deeply loved. Who I will solve the world\'s problems with now? I know that wherever he is, it\'s a better place because he\'s there. I cherish him always. Karen Parker
  • Jun 11, 2018 No sugar coating allowed! Kenny I will miss you Christmas items you made for us! Stay blessed my friend! Jennie Latham
  • Jun 10, 2018 Kenny was a very interesting individual. I have known Kenny for a number of years and he was always a man of many opinions. Kenny would never sugar coat anything. If you did not want to know his opinion however nice or not do not ask him. A lot of people could learn a lot from Kenny on how to speak your mind because he always did. God rest his soul and he will be missed. Shawn Denson