Toni Lee Thomas

Toni Thomas

She left behind two children Melony Verlander and William Dane Verlander, three grandchildren Ryan Verlander, Anna Verlander, and Anton Verlander. She was blessed enough to also get to know her great granddaughter Willow Hope. In addition to her close family she left behind and son-in-law, Robert Sean Varga and a step grandson Zac Varga. 
My mother worked in factories her whole life and eventually it was one of those factories where she became disabled. She worked so hard for my brother and I and she never came home in a bad mood and she never neglected to put a wonderful dinner on the table, even though she had to be exhausted.She help so many people she touched so many she help so many people, and she touched so many lives. At one time or another there was always a family member staying in her spare bedroom. She tried to help everyone when they were down and out and she did help everyone.
We miss my mom, Toni, so much. It’s the hardest thing that my family has had to go through. The love is so real and so deep in all of our hearts. I know that she is everywhere, and I will be looking for her everywhere.

I love you every day, and now I will miss you every day.