Terry Allen Nelson

Terry  Nelson

Terry Nelson, 59 and a God-fearing loving man, exited this earthly life on January 11, 2013 to be with the Lord God in heaven.

Terry was born in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania and graduated high school from John Marshall High School in Glen Dale, West Virginia. He married his sweetheart, Karen, who he met in the marching band. He worked as an engineer and lived in Louisiana for 17 years before moving to Houston, Texas. As a junior in high school, Terry came to know the Lord and has been a deacon since 1997. Whether in West Virginia, Louisiana or Texas, Terry spent hours volunteering and serving within the church.

Always having a passion for helping others, Terry spent many years leading youth groups. He was a humble man who led by example and consistently encouraged others to live for Christ. He led music and served as a deacon at First Baptist Church in New Roads, Louisiana and served as a deacon and a youth group leader at Graceview Baptist Church and Houston Northwest Church in Houston. All knew he would always be available to play the saxophone in church or special occasion. God's word guided his life and blessed many lives on a daily basis, whether it was at work, at home, at the grocery store or pumping gas.

The legacy of his life will go on for many years to come in the hearts of his loving devoted wife of 39 years, Karen Nelson; daughters Abbey Lee with husband Ryan Lee and Emily Nelson; sisters Shelli Clark and husband Scott and LuAnn Nelson; brother, Gary Nelson and wife Connie Jo; father, Gerald Nelson; and many nieces and nephews. He is preceded in death by his mother, Dolly Ann Nelson, and two infant boys.

Many will remember him by his smile, his laughter, his jokes, and his warmth. He was a leader, a teacher, a shoulder to cry on, full of wisdom, full of grace, and full of passion. If he could say anything, without a doubt, he would pass on a challenge to always love others. As he has said, "It's all or nothing time… You in?"

The viewing will be on Tuesday, January 15 from 5pm-8pm and funeral on Wednesday, January 16 at 11am at Houston Northwest Church (19911 State Hwy 249, Houston). In lieu of flowers, please donate in his memory through a link at www.hnw.org.

Terry touched the lives of many and here are some of the comments from them:

“I feel so honored that you were in my life. Your love and desire to help others through their trials was so present, even in my life. Thank you Terry for being a Father of Christ's love to me.”

“To go to work tomorrow my heart aches and every day going forward will not be the same. Terry Nelson was a "safe spot" for so many. When we needed to just step back and understand something or to ask for him to say a prayer for a situation.”

“Thank you for making me a part of the family for a summer. I will never be able to tell you how much I love and appreciate you and Terry Nelson for all y'all taught me that summer. I truly am who I am today because of you and Terry.”

“God must have needed another angel with an exceptionally good soul. All these years later, I remember your kindness toward me as a sophomore just coming into John Marshall High School when you were a senior. I was scared to death but you made me laugh and feel at ease. Thank you! I've already asked God to give your family His comfort and His peace but I'll continue to do so. May you rest in peace as I know you will now that you have touched the face of God. By the way, I may be a little scared when I get to Heaven. It would be great if you could greet me and as you did at JMHS, once again help me feel at ease?”

“He and Karen had a profound effect on my life as a teenager. Spent many summers with them both in the 70's. Terry and I spent a great deal of time together both within and outside the Methodist youth group playing tennis and fishing together.”

“We so enjoyed his music, friendship and serving with him at Graceview.”

“I was blessed to be able to spend a lot of quality time with this man at ABS. I know that his life on earth, not only impacted me but many others. I am a better person because of him.”

My dad posted this on Facebook on his birthday, August 30, 2012 – it was his Vision @ 59.

Today started with an early morning Skype with Karen. Today is the 39th birthday that I have shared with her. I then went to Ezekiel 10 and saw the vision of the wheel. And then to Revelation 4 and I saw the 24 elders. I didn't see mom, but I know she was there. The remainder of the day has brought visions of my girls, my family, my church, my neighbors, and my friends. I would like to thank each of you for the vision that you left me. The vision that I would like to leave for you is David Crowder singing "After all".