Steve Duane Tweedy

Steve Tweedy

Services are being held at 1:00 p.m. Saturday, March 30th, 2013 at Palm Valley Country Club, Palm Desert,  California.

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I Love You Because
By Erin Tweedy

I love you because….

You could always make me laugh
You were gentle and kind and snuggly all the time
You taught me how to walk and also to talk
You taught me how to play tennis, golf and softball
You taught me to swim and made me finish my third degree junior black belt in Tae Kwan Do
You taught me to not be afraid of our dog when he was bigger than me
You taught me to be sweet, to share and to love
You always told me I was beautiful and special, your little princess & angel

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’ll always be thinking of you!

This poem was written for Susan and Steve and given to them as a Wedding present 12 years ago.
Love Has Its Moments
I think of you
When the sun creates a new day
And the stars come out to play

I think of you
When the sky drops gentle showers
And the hummingbirds kiss the flowers

I think of you
When clouds float softly through the sky
And bright bold kites race on high

I think of you
When gentle breezes brush the shore
And graceful birds above me soar

I think of you
When shadows cross the moon
And the rose is in full bloom

I think of you throughout the day
In every place in every way

Susan has asked me to relay a short story – as many of you may know, Steve was a great athlete and a fantastic golfer.   Since moving to the desert 8 years ago, Steve and Susan joined Palm Valley Country Club and just about every Friday afternoon they would have a golf date, then go to out dinner with Erin.   Steve was a very patient golf instructor and helped Susan improve her game significantly.  He encouraged her to join the lady niners and to play as often as possible.  Steve and Susan often joked that the only place she would listen to him was on the golf course.  He consistently had two phrases he’d tell her – when addressing the ball he’d say “Keep your head down turkey lips” and on the tee, he’d tell her to “Tee it up higher”.  In remembrance of Steve and his love for golf, we have tees for you to take home on the tables in the lounge area and ask that on your next round you - “keep your head down turkey lips”.