Sabra Hargrove

Sabra Hargrove

Sabra Lynn Hargrove was born in Ellensburg, Washington on December 22, 1961 to John and Carol Hargrove. 

She is survived by her mother, Carol Sharp, her daughter Moriah Stephanie Hargrove Anders, her son Vincent Gabriel Hargrove Anders, her brother Dan Hargrove,  her husband Larry Jones and former husbands , Stephen Cowell and Stephen Anders.

Sabra was vibrantly engaged with life, her whole life.  She swam and ran track at State level in high school.  She was a talented vocalist who loved passionately, to sing.  

Her career path through life was unique, broad and diverse.   Right out of high school she traveled to Japan; to visit an aunt who taught school there.   Sabra absorbed the culture and obtained a teaching job (at age 18) sufficient to buy her own return flight home!     

She attended what is now Texas Women’s University in Denton and the University of Texas in Austin, contemplating her life's ambitions.   Sabra then explored, and held such positions as traveling Secretary and Treasurer of a Chinese Fine Arts Auction that operated all over the Midwest. 

Sabra had a bright smile, a keen mind, and tremendous energy.  Such abundance is not easily contained, it fuels a leader.  It fueled Sabra, whom we loved.  And she loved us.  Sabra shared her gifts with us, individually and in community.

She managed a string of YMCA swimming pools in Houston and Seabrook.  As an entertainer, she sang with a group at the Texas Renaissance Festival.  

Looking for new challenges, she joined the United States Air Force.  Sabra, Arabic language Cryptologist.  Sabra, leading her Air Force choral group as they sang the National Anthem at the World Series, in Oakland, California.     

Sabra married Steven Anders, returned to college at the University of Houston and earned a degree in Anthropology, graduating cum laude, which is Greek for “damn smart and well done”.  She and Steven brought two brilliant, inspired- and inspiring- children into the world, Moriah Stephanie in 1995 and Vincent Gabriel in 1998.    

Always bright, and sharp with abstract concepts, she found employment in the IT fields of Real Estate Finance.  She worked for Mellon Bank in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and later, Litton Loan Services and Stewart Title in Houston

During these years, she was often invited to sing the National Anthem and God Bless America at large company gatherings.  She also sang in various churches at Christmas time.  So strong and pure was her voice, that when she sang the Ave Maria people would be crying before she even finished.  

In 2008 she married Larry Jones, and some of their favorite memories were of fine and fun family vacations which they took to all parts of the country when Moriah and Vincent were of just the right age to best appreciate them.

Her last two career moves further illustrate her talent and versatility. 

Sabra rocked as Project Manager for a Florida company outfitting the Houston Police Department with hand-held computers for officers to use in writing traffic citations.  Sabra got the project up and out of a deep hole, and carried it to successful completion. 

Her last position was with Harris County as an IT Project Manager.  

In 2013, she took up classical guitar and vocals, studying with the renowned Vicente Castañeda of Houston and Oaxaca, Mexico.   Always an innovator- and a quick learner - Sabra became quite proficient in less than a year.  She loved to sing, and when she sang her face reflected this joy and contentment.

She’d have strangers fall silent and spellbound while others would break into spontaneous dancing - instant friends around the campfire at music fests or ‘round the room when she played by invitation at local coffee houses. 

Her growing repertoire of classical Spanish songs – which she sang in Spanish with perfect enunciation, accent, and passion – despite the fact that she did not actually speak Spanish – was richly received by those who did.  

She complimented these with stylish renditions of contemporary Americana.

She had a rousing version of Willie’s On the Road Again and did a good job on a difficult song, The City of New Orleans.   

She profoundly loved her beautiful children.  She will be long remembered and loved by all who knew her.                                    

Sabra was special.  Sabra had real talent and deep spirit.  Obviously, she wanted more time in this life, but you can be sure that she is already well into the next.    In fact, the NEXT time you witness a brilliant stroke of lightning, a darting UFO or a shooting star - well - it may just be Sabra kicking up her heels !

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to The Wounded Warrior Fund at or The American Cancer Society Walk For Life.

In loving memory,

Larry Jones

May 12, 2016