Ralph Edward Richards

Ralph Richards

Ralph Edward Richards        08/17/1939 - 02/04/2018


Edward was born in San Antonio and was raised in Corpus Christi.  He graduated from WB Ray High-School in Corpus Christi, TX in 1957 and from Texas A&I University in Kingsville. His professional life included being an insurance adjuster in Waco where he worked with friends that he kept in touch until he died.  For the majority of his working years, he was the quintessential traveling salesman in electronics, CB radios and security systems. 

 He was an avid hunter, fisherman, collector of friends, a SCUBA instructor who dived in many tropical spots as well as in the lakes of Minnesota. He was a power boater and member of the Galveston Bay Sail and Power Squadron.  He was active in Rotary (Gulfway Hobby, League City and Space Center ) and at Clear Lake Presbyterian Church ("CLPC").  He enjoyed cooking as much as eating.  No one will ever know how many hot dogs he grilled at CLPC or at the Power Squadron's annual Stay-away Hurricane parties over the years. He was also a member of the Coastal Conservation Association of Texas.

Bar-B-Que trophy winner, world traveler, snow skier (rescued by Ski Patrol coming down the mountain,) chef extraordinare (steamed a fish in the dishwasher for an excellent meal,) a student in 18 Chinese cooking classes, a connoisseur of wine and beer, a shrimp & crawfish boiler par excellence, a devotee of the Food Channel,  a lover of all things electronic.  He enjoyed arguing with everybody about everything saying that was how he learned. If he couldn't argue with you, he couldn't learn from you - he must have learned a lot in his 78 years!

Ed knew family was most important in life and he loved his children, grandchildren and niece very much.  He loved his sister and was comforted by telephone visits with his brother-in-law. And of course, he cared deeply for Lynn.

Ed was generous with his time and considerable abilities whenever his friends or neighbors were in need.  Long lasting relationships were important to him.  Over the last years, he received special love and support for which we are both grateful from fellow members of the Mens' Bible Study and Pastors at CLPC.