Mary Jane Pickens Roberts

Mary Pickens Roberts
Mary Jane Pickens Roberts, 69, born in Mt. George, AR was a beloved and devoted wife, mother, sister, and passionate friend. Mary Jane passed away on September 4th in Houston, TX. She struggled with several diseases including cancer, but lost her battle. She is now with the Lord who wanted her to be with HIM. I appreciate greatly her family and friends who said many prayers to help prepare her for a chosen destiny. She became a special and knowledgeable Christian woman, by studiously listening to and reading articles of Shepherd Chapel located in Gravette, AR. She possessed many talents and understood any subject to whatever level you wanted to talk. Her knowledge of the Bible was remarkable.  She was compassionate to a fault (if you can be) and was forever giving without expecting anything in return. She made our house a home and always made multiple life decisions because she was always right in her evaluations and especially in raising our son Tyler. Her talents were known far and wide. She understood house design, painting, ceramic, wood work, and writing and publishing of books. Her books were presented in a format for young children to learn with colorful background and practical life examples. She worked on, and was particularly proud of, a large quilt, 20 years in the making to capture unique family events in our life together. Thank you Lord for lending her to us for a brief time so we could learn from her and to be more aware of what is really expected of us to receive our Heavenly reward! Jane we love you and thank you for being there when we needed you and now please pray for us and direct our future endeavors. Tyler, Ashley and I, including your family (Bonnie Butts, Loyce Davis, Oliver, Joy, Jim Ed and deceased Dion Pickens) and our dear friends will miss you so much!!