Maria Guadalupe Hernandez

Maria Hernandez

Maria Guadalupe Hernandez, age 42 passed away peacefully on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at her home in the care of her beloved husband. She was born on January 6, 1976 in Durango, Mexico to Maria del Socorro Varela and Ramiro Hernandez.

Maria lived her life to the fullest. She discovered her love for reading and language at an early age and collected books throughout her life. Her favorite authors were Virginia Woolf, Neil Gaiman, and Ernest Hemingway among others.

Maria enjoyed writing as a form of art, and was recognized by the National Library of Poetry with her poem titled, “Undying Love”. She was an art lover and embraced every form of art, especially painting and photography. She graduated from Austin High School and became a Certified Nurse Assistant then a Medical and Financial Interpreter.  She was passionate about helping the Latino community and people in need.

She married Jose Rodriguez, the love of her life onJuly 25, 2014.

Maria was a strong woman with a marvelous sense of humor. She was unique, bright and hardworking. She fought her battle against cancer until her last breath.

She is survived by her beloved husband Jose Manuel Rodriguez Garza, her sister Sylvia Hernandez, her nephews and in laws Oziel Elisondo Rodriguez and Beatriz Rodriguez Garza and many dear friends.

Maria was energetic, full of love, had a passion for life, art, and literature, and loved her dear husband above everything else.  She will be missed dearly but never forgotten.

A public viewing for Maria will be held at Carnes South Houston Funeral Home, Friday, April 13, at 5 pm, with services to follow at 6. 


Undying Love

When the time to face death

Comes and stops me from breathing,

Not even my last exhaled breath

Will stop me from existing.

The last word I should say

Will be your lovely name,

And if you think I am forever gone,

I will prove my love is true,

My body will be resting under stones,

But my soul will be with you.

If you sadly look at the sky

And stare at the shiny moon,

Please remember me, but don’t cry,

We will be together soon.

Look one more time above

And blow a kiss to the air,

I will be watching you my love,

Hoping not to cause you any despair.

~Maria Hernandez