Joyce Edwards

Joyce Edwards

Joyce Anne Edwards, loving wife and mother is survived by her husband George W. Edwards, her 5 children, George A. Edwards, James A. Edwards, Victoria E. Blakemore, William A.Edwards and Gwendolyn A. Johnson. She is survived by her beloved Mother Jean C. Maxwell, her brothers John Maxwell, Douglas Maxwell and Carl Maxwell and her sister Laura Leonardi. She was the proud grandmother of 9 beautiful grandchildren.  She now rests in the hands of God with her father Hugh C. Maxwell and grandson Wayne Douglas Johnson III.


Joyce was a woman of God. Her faith led her to a life of service for her family and anyone she came across whether human or animal alike. Joyce was an RN for 20+ years. Taking care of the sick was her calling. There was a time where she worked in a convalescent hospital. She would come home from work and share stories of her patients. Many times she would be the last person with them before their passing. She had a calming nature about her that was God given. She described scenes of peace and beauty when her patients passed on and she was not afraid of death as it was a part of her daily life. She knew how to bring people comfort in their most difficult times. 


Joyce was selfless in her family life as well. There were many phone calls in the middle of the night that never went unanswered.  In a moments notice she would drop everything and fly across an ocean to be there for one of her children or grandchildren.  She was very knowledgeable about healthcare and was always a resource to anyone that needed her. 


Joyce’s children were her world. She spent many days and nights sewing costumes for school plays, making banners for Pop Warner and little league, staying up all night working on school projects or creating campaign posters for student council. She was at every game, school play, choir performance or gymnastics meet.  No matter how she felt physically she made sure that dinner was on the table and it was always delicious.


Although Joyce never took an oath in the military, for 18 years, she had the most difficult job in the United States Navy. She was a Navy wife that kept the fires burning on the Homefront and never complained about it. Her devotion to her husband was apparent and they spent a wonderful 40+ years married. Her husband was her best friend, lover and confidant. She would describe their love as timeless and comforting, to know that he was there through all of the ups and downs of life.


The last few years have been harder physically for Joyce, but George recalls a story of them at the movies.  They had parked like usual and began their walk to the theater. She stopped several times while walking to catch her breath. George mentioned to her that she should go to the doctor and get a handicap placard. Her immediate response was “No, because then I would be giving up.”  That was her, a fighter until the end and she never quit.