Joel Franklin Shaw II

Joel Shaw II

On December 19, 2016, Joey's heroic struggle with cancer came to a calm and peaceful end with his wife, daughters, extended family and close friends by his side.

Though his disease stole him from his loved ones much too early, Joey was a man who enjoyed a full and eventful life. He was a graduate of Texas A & M University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Biology and had a variety of interests which he pursued with an unrestrained enthusiasm.

Joey loved his family's Bal Harbour home. It was the perfect location for he and his family to enjoy their passion for boating and fishing. True to form, Joey navigated far, fished deep and caught the big ones. While on the golf course, he always swung hard, just in case he hit it "on the screws". On the many camping trips, he took with his family, Joey always prepared a variety of creative dishes, brought the largest collection of fireworks and kept his fellow campers thoroughly entertained.

Joey was an avid sports fan with an intense, lifelong love affair for his beloved Aggies. He also religiously rooted for his hometown Houston sports teams, the Oilers/Texans, the Astros and the Rockets.

He and his family loved to travel and visited such diverse ports of call as Switzerland, Alaska, Aruba and Israel as well as many others. Special highlights were the many skiing vacations enjoyed at Tahoe, New Mexico and Colorado.

Joey was a great cook and enjoyed preparing gourmet meals for his family and friends at backyard cookouts and crawfish boils. Famous for his great cooking, his coworkers at Ascend would request his special meals.

Joey played hard but also worked hard to provide for his family right up until the time his disease rendered him unable to continue. Joey most recently worked as a plant operator at Ascend Chemical Plant.  As a member of the fire crew at the plant, his fire training took him back to his alma mater, Texas A & M, once every year. His many friends and coworkers there can attest to his willingness to enthusiastically perform any task the work required. Margaret and the girls wish to extend a special thanks to Joey's Ascend family as they were a tremendous help and comfort to them during his relentless battle with cancer.

Those who were there to witness Joey's end of life struggles will always remember and admire him for the grace, courage and energy he brought to his fight for wellness. He consistently retained his unique sense of humor and his warmth and graciousness toward others. He also never wavered in the belief that he would defeat the disease and regain his health. Joey faced the last weeks of his life in the same way he had lived it, always on the offensive, never giving up.

Joey was born in Houston Texas on December 13, 1965 to Joel Franklin Shaw and his wife Marilyn (Factor) Shaw. He was preceded in death by his father and is survived by his mother, his loving wife Margaret Lynn (Fetterman) Shaw, his beautiful daughters Danielle and Samantha, his brother David Shaw and Angie, one nephew and four nieces. On Margaret's side of the family Joey is survived by Margarets' parents, her nine brothers and sisters and their spouses as well as the numerous nieces and nephews that in total comprise his large, extended loving family.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the American Cancer Society in Joey's memory.


Words cannot describe

 the pain I am feeling. 

Joey was my rock.

  He was everything I wasn't.

 He was strong,

physically and mentally

and I felt so safe with him.

He was always so positive,

not letting life's problems

 bring him down

 as I dwelled on them. 

Joey was passionate about life,

his cooking, fishing, sports

 and most of all, us - his three girls.

  I feel so lost without him by my side

 but also feel so blessed for the life

 we had together

 and for our two, beautiful daughters.

  Rest in peace, my Joey,

 and know that you were so loved.

Margaret Shaw