Jerry Carl Lewis

Jerry Lewis

On Sunday August 25th, 2013 Texas’ most legendary telephone man was called to conference with God. Born in Tennessee, he spent his early childhood on the farm and his school years in Ohio with his sisters Charlie Mills and Jean Heaton. He went to live on the U.S.S. Saratoga with the Navy right out of high school and explored Europe. He loved his job working as an aviation electrician on F-4J Phantoms with “The Fighting 31”. Once he got back to the states, he bought his first Harley and initiated his life-long romance with Mr. Davidson. He started his family and over the years his children would grow in number to 6: Christi Spoth, Tonya Darr-Leber, Fallon Lewis, Jerry Lewis Jr., Nathan Brown, and Daniel Brown; who in turn blessed him with 7 beautiful grandkids. To support his giant family, Jerry became the best damn telephone man in TX, starting in residential and moving to commercial. He worked 27 years for the same company with the ever-changing name. Most recently he worked with what he considered to be his extended family at Optus and UTMB. He was instrumental to the recovery of services at UTMB after Hurricane Ike, and their efforts to improve and advance the hospitals communications. Whether at UTMB or home, his work ethic was unparalleled. This attribute was present throughout his life; he was dedicated to serving others tirelessly, selflessly, and without judgment. Because of his attitude and manner, you could say that no man was a stranger to him and all were invited to his dinner table… and boy did he love his dinner table. He was a great Christian man who had the rarest and most sought after quality of all: accepting and loving people for exactly who they were, and where they were at. Known by many of us as “MacGyver”, he had the ability to accomplish any task. He enjoyed infomercials and sci-fi movies, and responding to questions from his children with one liners. His great loves were the Word of God, food, black coffee, “the water”, and hot, cloudless, Texas summer days. Most of all, he loved his “sweet angel” Karen. To those closest to him, he was a loving father figure and will be greatly missed.

The Family of Jerry and Fallon Lewis extends an invitation to celebrate their lives at a memorial service on Saturday September 21, 2013 at 1st Baptist Church in Texas City 1400 9th Ave. North at 3:00 pm.