Jeffie Wynonah Belt

Jeffie Belt

Jeffie Wynonah King Belt 
(A.K.A. Nonnie or JW)

She is survived by her loving husband James E Belt and several nieces,nephews, and cousins.
Wynonah was an honorable woman. She barely survived her birth and lived an incredible 93 years,outliving everyone’s expectations. Wynonah loved her God,being a faithful Christian. Wynonah loved her Jimmy, her husband dearly.  She loved to tell the story of how she purchased him for $10 at a fundraiser. They were married and loved each other in April of 1950.

Wynonah and Jimmy had a full and happy life.  She supported Jimmy starting a very successful business. They enjoyed traveling-going to every state except one.They also enjoyed Astro baseball games together.  They entertained often at their home.  Wynonah loved to visit and tell stories about her life and family when she could no longer get out. She will be sorely missed by everyone who knew her.