James Stewart Finley

James  Finley

James Stewart Finley (Jim), a victim of leukemia, was employed as a Professor of Government by College of the Mainland for 40 years. Jim also taught courses in Creative Writing and International Politics. Prior to employment at College of the Mainland Jim taught at Mississippi State, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Washington State, University of Houston, and Texas A&M. Jim referred to his position in the classrooms as a ‘Word Talker.’

Jim leaves these words: Tis not so much the love we take, tis more the love we leave behind.

The Heart can grow healthy only when the Ego is tempered by reason.

Jim leaves present wife, Jacki Bynum Finley, stepdaughter, Julia Grace Bynum and husband, son-in-law, David McClendon, a stepson, Jesse Bynum and wife, daughter-in-law, Natalia Bynum and their precious daughter and Jim’s namesake, Lucia (Lucy) James Bynum. Jim leaves one brother, Bob Finley, also nephews and nieces: Shannon, Susan, David, Craig, Karen, Kelly, Karla, Eddie.

Jim’s first wife, Diana Bier Finley, died October 1997, a victim of Huntington’s Disease. The oldest of two daughters, Rachael Shawne Finley passed in June 2015, also a victim of Huntington’s. The younger daughter, Kathleen Mara Finley suffers the later stages of Huntington’s.

Jim’s deceased parents: Hubert and Luzelle Finley, a deceased sister Mary Patterson and husband, Pat Patterson, two deceased brothers, Charles, and Hugh and wife, Jane Finley. Also remembered is brother Bob’s deceased wife, Bobbye Sue Finley.

My wife, Jacki Bynum Finley, provided prolonged and loving care for Jim’s daughters, Rachael and Kathleen, her mother, Mary Edson, and Jim.

Jim gives a special shout-out to Esteemed (questionable) ‘Intelligentsia’ friends: Bill Spiller, Bob Shinn, James Templer, Bob Young, Larry Stanley, Jim Higgins, John Ray, Tony Pfeiffer. Professor and friend, Brett Jarrett sparked Jim’s writings, which provided Jim solace during his most difficult times.

Not to forget the wonderful students who transitioned through Jim’s classes, and friends and residents who remain in the flatlands of the Texas Brazos Salt Fork and Kiowa Peak. “Tis a piece of land dear to my heart.”

Jim loved to read and write short stories. His latest future publications by Main Street Rag, ‘Come Back to Guthrie, Texas, Hank Williams’ and poem, ‘Make the World Go Away.’ Hank Williams.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to: The Huntington’s Disease Society of America , or Regent Care Center in League City where Kathy Finley presides.