Forrest "Frosty" Isaac Gibson

  • Feb 22, 2017 Miss you so much. Iris
  • Feb 15, 2016 Love you.

  • Jul 6, 2015 Happy Birthday
    With all my love.
    I miss you so much!
  • Mar 28, 2015 Mis u so:) Iris
  • Mar 7, 2015 Thinking of you :)
  • Feb 27, 2015 ..thinking of u.. love u.. :-) SUZI
  • Jan 21, 2015 good morning.. just wanted to let you know we think of you often.. you are missed... love you Suzi
  • Jan 7, 2015 hi there.. things are good here.. ava has been sick but is better now.. kali got pink eye & has been miserable!! hunter & i have had no complaints :-) i got a new chihuahua, named girlfriend.. i miss punkin very much.. granny is having the house remodeled & it's awesome... miss & love u Suzi
  • Dec 8, 2014 ..good morning.. there's really not a lot to say.. kali, hunter & ava r all fine.. i miss punkin so much, was missing something, so i got a new puppy to keep me company.. love u Suzi
  • Nov 22, 2014 Miss you :) Iris
  • Nov 21, 2014 just saying hello.. things r good with all of us.. nothing exciting happening.. no bad news to report.. same old stuff.. love & miss u.. Suzi
  • Nov 14, 2014 hi there.. we r all doing fine.. kali is always working or playing volleyball.. hunter is working & going to school.. my grand kitty ava is getting big.. miss & love u Suzi
  • Sep 11, 2014 hi.. we r all doing great, although someone hit kali's car at work & took off.. gotta get it fixed.. my grand kitty Ava had a nice bday party.. hunter did a great job.. hard to believe she's a year old.. i miss Punkin so much.. it's hard to go home.. :-( love u Suzi
  • Sep 3, 2014 hi again.. all is well with us.. i had a nice bday.. kali took me to lunch.. then dinner with my bf & hunter & my grand kitty.. i don't feel older.. haha :-) ava's 1st bday party is this weekend.. time flies, as we all have learned... love u Suzi
  • Aug 18, 2014 hi again.. things r going well.. the kids r just fine.. my grand kitty Ava will be 1 on Sept. 7.. Hunter is planning her bday party.. miss & love u.. Suzi
  • Aug 18, 2014 Sure miss you:( Iris
  • Aug 7, 2014 hi there.. it's been a rough week... Punkin passed away Monday.. u know how much i loved her.. she was the very best ever... :-( Suzi
  • Jul 29, 2014 hi is punkin's bday.. she is 14 years old now.. i'll get her a double meat cheeseburger from McD's.. we are all doing great.. love & miss u Suzi
  • Jul 16, 2014 hi there.. things are going well.. Kali is always working.. Hunter is keeping busy with work & my grand kitty, Ava.. granny & grand dad are fine.. we're all always thankful for another day.. love u Suzi
  • Jul 7, 2014 Thinking of you!
    Missed telling you Happy
    Birthday and How much I miss you and how much I loved you!
  • Jun 19, 2014 thinking of u.. xoxo Suzi
  • Jun 5, 2014 just saying hello... we miss u... all is well... waiting to see what life has in store next... i pray for good things to come... love u Suzi
  • Jun 5, 2014 Sure do miss you:(
    Love Unk
  • May 8, 2014 ..good morning.. we r all doing ok.. kali's birthday is next week.. hunter graduates from college Saturday.. my grand kitty is growing way too fast.. miss & love u Suzi
  • Apr 23, 2014 hi there... things r going good... kali had to get a new car... Hunter & Ava r doing great... love u Suzi
  • Apr 20, 2014 Miss you so much!

    Love Iris
  • Apr 2, 2014 good morning.. lots going on lately.. just thot i'd say good morning... love u... Suzi
  • Mar 20, 2014 hi there.. you just popped into my head this morning.. kali has the flu really bad... hunter & ava r going good.. i'm burnt out on work.. need a vacation.. miss u... love u Suzi
  • Feb 27, 2014 :-) Suzi
  • Feb 23, 2014 Two years of heartbreak.
    Miss you so!

    Love Iris
  • Feb 18, 2014 thinking of u..
    love u
  • Feb 10, 2014 ..we r all doing good.. just working & living out each day.. Kali is doing great... Hunter & my grand baby Ava r doing good, too... miss & love u... Suzi
  • Jan 25, 2014 My brother my friend!
    Miss you so much.
  • Jan 10, 2014 ..thinking of u.. love & miss u.. Suzi
  • Dec 28, 2013 Missing you so much this Holiday season!
    With all the love I have
    be forever with you
  • Dec 9, 2013 :-) Suzi
  • Nov 26, 2013 thinking of u.. Suzi
  • Nov 14, 2013 thinking of u... we r all doing fine... the holidays r coming... never ready for that... guess u can't avoid them... love u Suzi
  • Oct 30, 2013 hi there.. everyone is doing good here... Kali works all the time & i never see her.. Hunter & my grand baby are doing great.. I have a good life.. miss & love u... Suzi
  • Oct 21, 2013 Hi Frosty, just thinking about you today. Wish you could meet my beautiful baby girl! You would love her. She is already 6 weeks old. Everyone is good here, and Mom is finally happy again. We all love & miss you lots. Hunter, Ferdo & Ava
  • Oct 15, 2013 ur thought about often... love u Suzi
  • Oct 7, 2013 another Monday... going to be a busy day at work... i guess criminals never rest... and i guess they never learn a lesson... keeps my job pretty interesting... oh, my grand daughter is beautiful, but i'm sure you already know that... love u Suzi
  • Sep 27, 2013 my grand daughter will be 3 weeks old tomorrow... she's so beautiful... maybe Kali will end up liking kids after all... LOL.. love & miss u Suzi
  • Sep 17, 2013 hi there... yes, i'm a now... Ava was born on 09.07.13... she is absolutely beautiful.. I'm sure u know that.. Suzi
  • Aug 30, 2013 well, i'm another year older... had a great birthday yesterday... and no, i don't look old and i don't feel any older!!! love u Suzi
  • Aug 27, 2013 just letting u know ur thot about often.. the girls r doing great.. all is well.. love u Suzi
  • Aug 16, 2013 just about one more month until i'm a!!!
  • Aug 14, 2013 another busy day at work... just thought i'd say good morning and let u know u r missed & loved... Suzi
  • Aug 7, 2013 hi da da... just know ur loved & missed... Suzi
  • Jul 29, 2013 lots going on, but nothing new.. just the same old stuff life throws at u.. love & miss u Suzi
  • Jul 16, 2013 thinking of u.. miss & love u.. Suzi
  • Jul 9, 2013 hi da da.. thinking of u... love u Suzi
  • Jul 7, 2013 Miss you much! Iris
  • Jul 5, 2013 Happy Birthday to my baby brother. You left too soon. I'll always Love and Miss you. Donna
  • Jul 5, 2013 Happy Bithday Frosty i miss you little brother. Treva king
  • Jul 3, 2013 hi :-) Suzi
  • Jun 28, 2013 another busy week comes to an end.. u r missed & loved.. Suzi
  • Jun 20, 2013 things are going good... the girls are doing fine... Kali has a new job... Hunter is due in 3 months... miss & love u... Suzi
  • Jun 13, 2013 you are thought about every day.. miss & love u Suzi
  • Jun 7, 2013 another busy week comes to an end.. time to relax a little.. thinking of u... xoxo Suzi
  • Jun 3, 2013 hey there... just saying hello and let u know ur on our minds.. we miss u... Suzi
  • May 29, 2013 just saying hello.. things are good here.. Hunter's starting to show.. she's gonna make a great mom... Kali is doing her thing, as usual.. i've got 2 great daughters.. thanks for one of them... love u Suzi
  • May 22, 2013 thinking of u... miss making u laugh... love ya Suzi
  • May 16, 2013 good morning da da... today is ur daughter's 22nd birthday.. Kali has so much of ur personality in her.. and ur height!! it's a real shame u missed seeing her grow up.. and it's a shame u can't see her now.. u missed & r missing a lot.. love u Suzi
  • May 8, 2013 just saying hello and thinking of you... :-) Suzi
  • May 6, 2013 just me again, saying hello.. still working on trying to get the yard cleaned up.. that's what happens when u don't take care of it for over a year.. Kali's gone to San Antonio a few days w/some friends... Hunter's on her 5th month of morning sickness.. i have no complaints... love & miss u <3 Suzi
  • May 6, 2013 Frosty
    Oh, I miss you so much!
  • Apr 23, 2013 hi there da da.. another day ahead with lots of work.. guess what? i'm gonna be a Hunter's pregnant, due September 12th.. it's a GIRL!! life's full of surprises.. she's gonna make a great mom.. as for Kali, u know she doesn't like kids! maybe this will change her mind..NOT!!! love & miss u.. Suzi
  • Apr 12, 2013 good morning da da... it's a beautiful Friday morning.. looks like the weather is gonna be kind to us for a while.. time to get the yard cleaned up... i gave away 4 of the big dogs this week, but i'm going to keep the other 3 monsters.. it sux, but it's for the best.. love & miss u... Suzi
  • Apr 10, 2013 hi there, da da.. there's been so much going on around here... sometimes i think it's too much to handle, but i know God has his plans for everything.. love and miss u... Suzi
  • Mar 26, 2013 hi there da da... i'm thankful for another day.. although things don't always go the way i want them to, i won't give up... even when it seems as if there's no answers, i know things are gonna be okay.. miss & love u.. Suzi
  • Mar 21, 2013 good morning sunshine... just letting u know that ur on my mind quite often... i've decided to let go of filling my mind daily with questions that will never be answered... i love u and miss u... Suzi
  • Mar 18, 2013 Happy ST Patty's Day I know you would have been having some fun! Love you little brother! Iris
  • Mar 12, 2013 hi sweetie.. just another day in progress.. the weather is really beautiful.. been wanting to go fishing.. it's still way too windy.. love & miss u bunches.. p.s. finally got the christmas tree out last night... LOL Suzi
  • Mar 6, 2013 hi there da da... another week flies by... just doing the same old things as always... just wanted to say miss u and love u... xoxo Suzi
  • Feb 27, 2013 hi there.. pretty busy day at work.. job security, thanks to all those felons out there committing crimes.. the devil's workers are always busy sneaking around.. the weather is finally beautiful here.. gonna wash & clean up ur truck this weekend.. ok, back to work... love & miss u Suzi
  • Feb 25, 2013 hi da da... another rainy, dreary Monday.. another busy day at work.. miss & love u Suzi
  • Feb 23, 2013 Never to be forgotten!
    Love you forever.
  • Feb 23, 2013 I miss you, more than you know. I know the "family" misses you as we'll. I will listen to your favorite banjo song before bed tonight. Love you <3 KT
  • Feb 22, 2013 Well what can I will be a shitty day for those of us who loved you LT
  • Feb 21, 2013 good morning sweetie.. we're gonna have to build an ark soon! it just keeps om raining. here .. miss n love u Suzi
  • Feb 20, 2013 You will always be my baby brother, Iris
  • Feb 20, 2013 Going to have to have head surgery again. The brain tumor is back. I am scared but I will make it. I love you!
  • Feb 18, 2013 another Monday starting the whole cycle all over again ... but it's all worth it I've come to learn ... miss u Suzi
  • Feb 17, 2013 Miss and think of our lives often. Fun stuff
    and bad and sometime a little crazy but love was always in it!
  • Feb 14, 2013 Happy Valentines Day to u da da.. love u Suzi
  • Feb 12, 2013 Miss you so!

    Love Iris
  • Feb 11, 2013 good morning da da... remember what I told u about that .. ok... its nasty rain outside today ... gotta get to work though... love u.. Suzi
  • Feb 9, 2013 Well the dreaded 1 year anniversary is coming up. We are going to do something but not sure what. We will always miss you. You have done some really STUPID things in your life but this was the dumbest LT
  • Feb 4, 2013 hi da da... had a busy weekend... the weather was beautiful ... I'm headed to work.. ughhh.... love u! Suzi
  • Feb 2, 2013 I love you! Iris
  • Jan 29, 2013 hey da da... busy day at work... washed clothes and cooked dinner... I'm really sleepy! love & miss u Suzi
  • Jan 25, 2013 P.S. CHRISTMAS TREE IS STILL UP!!!!! LOL Suzi
  • Jan 25, 2013 hi sweetie ... sry I haven't written in a few days but I think of u every day... been a little preoccupied but I'll tell u about it soon... but I'm sure u already know!! time for bed... love and.miss u lots.... Suzi
  • Jan 15, 2013 good morning sweetie .. IT'S. FREEZING HERE! getting ready for work... thinking of you...
    p.s. the Christmas tree is still up! love you
  • Jan 13, 2013 I'm sorry. K
  • Jan 9, 2013 hi da da... having lots of rain lately... and its still cold!!! the Christmas tree is still up... haha... had a leak in the water heater hose...and the washing machine broke... both in the same day... got them fixed $350 later... there went my paycheck!!! it never ends... miss & love u Suzi
  • Jan 7, 2013 good morning... here's another Monday... been having a hard time waking up lately...its been cold the past week here... my kind of weather ... and yes u know I've still got the air conditioner on! love u Suzi
  • Jan 3, 2013 hi sweetie... long day at work after 4 days off... that's too many days off for me!! been having a hard time waking up in the mornings... nite nite... love you Suzi
  • Jan 1, 2013 happy new years eve, da da... love u Suzi
  • Dec 25, 2012 Merry Christmas little brother. I love you!

  • Dec 25, 2012 MERRY CHRISTMAS .. love you Suzi
  • Dec 21, 2012 good morning sweetie .. its cold here.. you would not like it... lol.. just a few more days to shop for Christmas .. then I will say like I always do, next year I will start my shopping earlier ... haha... gotta get ready for work... love you Suzi
  • Dec 19, 2012 hi da da... got the tree up with the lights on it so far... slowly but surely it will get done... you know I'm never in a hurry... lol... I'm tired... going to bed... love you Suzi
  • Dec 17, 2012 hi sweetie... went to church this morning...almost 5 hours worth... it was really good as usual... got a Christmas tree but couldn't put it up cuz the tree stand is next door in the apartment and the stinking key broke off in the lock!! miss you... love you... Suzi
  • Dec 13, 2012 hi sweetie... just saying hello...been really busy at work... training a couple of the girls to do my job so maybe I can actually take a day off at some point... live and miss you Suzi
  • Dec 9, 2012 hi da da... trying to do Christmas shopping today... frustrating when u dont know what to get... I miss u... xoxo Suzi
  • Dec 6, 2012 hi there da da... haven't really started Christmas shopping yet..u know how I procrastinate ... lol... and I know how u don't like shopping... but its gotta get done.. guess ill start this weekend... well I miss and love u.... xoxo Suzi.
  • Dec 2, 2012 I love you! Iris
  • Dec 2, 2012 hi there... just saying hello.. love u... Suzi
  • Nov 30, 2012 good morning da da... another Friday is here... time really seems to be moving faster than ever..I miss u & love u... Suzi
  • Nov 26, 2012 good morning da da... back to work... I love my job... miss you.. and love you Suzi
  • Nov 22, 2012 good morning da da... you're missed today on Thanksgiving... well, you're missed everyday I should say... I know how you love grannys cooking but I'm cooking it all this year... miss you and love you... Suzi
  • Nov 19, 2012 today started out good and just sort of went downhill... but it will all be okay... miss and love you ... very much Suzi
  • Nov 15, 2012 hi sweetie... it's 12:30 a.m. can't sleep... I miss and love you... Suzi
  • Nov 13, 2012 hi da da... I had an easy day at work... it got cold here today... you know I love cold weather... and I know you hate it!! went to church.. it's amazing how much it's helped me... love you bunches... Suzi
  • Nov 10, 2012 good morning dad... finally the weekend... I have a lot of errands to get done today... didnt sleep too good... crazy Hollin kept waking me up.. I miss and love you... Suzi
  • Nov 8, 2012 good morning sweetie... time for work... I love you Suzi
  • Nov 7, 2012 good morning da da... things are going ok... I've made some good changes lately.. I miss you and love you.. Suzi
  • Nov 5, 2012 hi sweetie.. just wanted to say food night Andrea I Suzi
  • Nov 3, 2012 hi dad... and another week goes by.. I miss you.... Suzi
  • Nov 1, 2012 hi sweetie... I miss you very much... you should have stuck out the tough times... I struggle every day but I dont give up... I know God has good things for me.. I love you... Suzi
  • Oct 28, 2012 hi da da... stated busy all day today... I'm exhausted.. its nice to finally start getting of this dark house I've been hiding in.. I love and miss you.. Suzi
  • Oct 25, 2012 hi sweetie... went to church tonite for the first time in over a year.. it was great... I love you so much ... Suzi
  • Oct 23, 2012 Just thinking of you and stopping in to say hi........we all still miss you very much LT
  • Oct 23, 2012 hi sweetie... its been a long hard day... gonna go to bed early... its dads 80th birthday!! I love and miss you.. xo Suzi
  • Oct 22, 2012 I've known you have always loved him as he did you also! Love ya and the girls. Iris
  • Oct 19, 2012 good morning da da!! finally friday..the weather is great outside... wish you were here to enjoy the weekend with us.. I love you...

    Iris, I've loved Frosty since I met him and I always will... :-)
  • Oct 18, 2012 Thank you Suzanne for remembering my brother each day of your life!
    I miss him so much!
  • Oct 16, 2012 good morning... I LOVE YOU.. Suzi
  • Oct 14, 2012 hi baby... I miss you.. I've been trying to keep busy instead of sleeping all the time .. wish you were here... I love you Suzi
  • Oct 9, 2012 good morning da da.. I love you Suzi
  • Oct 8, 2012 god morning baby... had some nice weather this weekend... wish u were here to enjoy it.. I love u Suzi
  • Oct 7, 2012 I miss u...I love u... Suzi
  • Oct 3, 2012 I've been angry at you... I'm sorry... I love you.. Suzi
  • Sep 27, 2012 hi da da... can't sleep... feeling lost... I love you Suzi
  • Sep 23, 2012 7 months ago you made another bad decision.. you can take this one back.. I will always love you... just like I have for 23 years Suzi
  • Sep 22, 2012 I still can't believe you..dont know if I ever will...what you did has changed things quite a lot... and I'm the one that has to live every day with your choice... Suzi
  • Sep 19, 2012 up at 4:00 a.m. again.... things have got to change... I've got to start somewhere... I miss you Suzi
  • Sep 16, 2012 good morning... its still weird waking up and you're not here
    :( love you
  • Sep 14, 2012 wish I could stay home today... I'm better off going tobwork though than sitting home.. I love you Suzi
  • Sep 13, 2012 2:30 a.m. hope I can go back to sleep... miss you Suzi
  • Sep 11, 2012 here at work... ready to go home and its only 7 a.m. ughhhh... love you dad Suzi
  • Sep 9, 2012 watching the game... Texans vs. Dolphins today.. GO TEXANS!!
    I love you
  • Sep 9, 2012 hi baby... I miss you very much Suzi
  • Sep 6, 2012 remember that water pipe outside I asked you to fix back in 2010... got it fixed yesterday.. it took them 20 minits... lol... Suzi
  • Sep 5, 2012 yes I was right.... CRAZY AND LONG DAY AT WORK....I miss you Frosty Suzi
  • Sep 4, 2012 good morning da da... gonna be a very long day at work... I love you Suzi
  • Sep 3, 2012 here comes a new hair color ... too bad u aren't here to do it for me like u used to... love you Suzi
  • Sep 3, 2012 here comes a new hair color ... too bad u aren't here to do it for me like u used to... love you Suzi
  • Sep 1, 2012 good morning baby.. the girls took me to my birthday dinner last night... wish you had been there... love you Suzi
  • Aug 30, 2012 they spoiled me at work yesterday for my birthday.. then I came home and all that happy feeling just went away.. I love you Suzi
  • Aug 28, 2012 hey baby... thinking about you as always... I miss you Suzi
  • Aug 27, 2012 hey da da... having a rough time... I miss you and Suzi
  • Aug 24, 2012 I just really miss you Suzi
  • Aug 23, 2012 hunters done... nkwedor kalis tomorroe Suzi
  • Aug 22, 2012 spent the afternoon trying to register Hunter for college... Kali goes tomorrow .... too bad ur not here to help out your daughter... Suzi
  • Aug 20, 2012 sleeping... and sleeping... xoxo Suzi
  • Aug 18, 2012 third day straight sleeping.. love you and miss you Suzi
  • Aug 16, 2012 I been sick, da da... I love you... Suzi
  • Aug 15, 2012 I hope this all isn't for nothing... Suzi
  • Aug 12, 2012 slept ALMOST the whole night... I miss you.. I love you Suzi
  • Aug 11, 2012 its been a LONG week, dad... I miss you Suzi
  • Aug 9, 2012 the kids left for San Antonio this morning... this will be the first time I've been alone here.. kind of creepy.. kind of cool... they're growing up too fast Suzi
  • Aug 8, 2012 good morning dad... 3:00 a.m. can't go back to sleep... just gonnna get ready and go on in to work... my 10 year anniversary was yesterday... wow.. love you Suzi
  • Aug 7, 2012 the days are getting harder ... not easier Suzi
  • Aug 7, 2012 I go nite nite da da.... muahhhh Suzi
  • Aug 6, 2012 really dont have anything to say.. gotta get ready for work... FML Suzi
  • Aug 6, 2012 lots of naps today... lots of rain... lazy day as usual.. I miss you, dad Suzi
  • Aug 4, 2012 didn't get much sleep... nap time... one of our favorite things!!! I love you baby Suzi
  • Aug 3, 2012 already at work.... gonna take off early today... just because.. miss and love u Suzi
  • Aug 2, 2012 good morning dad....happy birthday to Ferdo!!! I loves you!! Suzi
  • Aug 1, 2012 woke up late... getting ready for work ... ughhh... love u!!! Suzi
  • Jul 31, 2012 not a whole lot to say these days... too hot here to do anything but come home and stay home... miss you Suzi
  • Jul 30, 2012 time for work.... love you Suzi
  • Jul 29, 2012 Punkin's 12th birthday today... having Beggin Strips and McD's and ice cream.. she sure misses her sleeping buddy!! we love you Suzi
  • Jul 28, 2012 going to sleep all day.. love u Suzi
  • Jul 27, 2012 good morning... been up since 3:00... TGIF... gonna take half the day off.. hope to come home and sleep the weekend away!! I love you Suzi
  • Jul 26, 2012 good morning dad... time for work... i miss you so much Suzi
  • Jul 25, 2012 wow dad...I OVERSLEPT for à change!! I LOVE YOU Suzi
  • Jul 24, 2012 1:30 a.m. wish I could sleep!! love you Suzi
  • Jul 23, 2012 morning... sure wish it wasn't Monday yet... love you and miss you Suzi
  • Jul 23, 2012 nite nite. I love you Suzi
  • Jul 22, 2012 another day of rain... good sleeping weather.. dont worry... its gonna be okay some day, dad.. you'll see... love you Suzi
  • Jul 21, 2012 you wouldn't believe the rumors I've heard ... the lies ... obviously nobody really knew you the way I did... screw the bitches Suzi
  • Jul 20, 2012 3:30 a.m. I love you Suzi
  • Jul 19, 2012 up since 3:00 a.m. I miss you and love you... wish you hadn't done this to everyone... this really sux to deal with... Suzi
  • Jul 18, 2012 it sux waking up this early every morning for no reason dad .. I love U Suzi
  • Jul 17, 2012 4:00 a.m. up as usual... I miss you very muxh Suzi
  • Jul 16, 2012 if you only knew how bad off I really am... Suzi
  • Jul 15, 2012 another day of thunder and lightening and flooding .... I miss you dad Suzi
  • Jul 14, 2012 2:00 p.m. guess I'll get up for a while... love you Suzi
  • Jul 13, 2012 hi sweetie.. it's flooding like crazy here... I love you!!!!!! Suzi
  • Jul 13, 2012 Lots of thinking about
    you going on in my head each day....I hope you knew how much I loved you! Oh God I did so much! And still do... Iris
    Iris Holiday
  • Jul 12, 2012 good morning da da... Suzi
  • Jul 11, 2012 hi sweetie.... many thots of you today... I sure love you Suzi
  • Jul 10, 2012 2:30 a.m. can't sleep... miss you da da Suzi
  • Jul 9, 2012 today isn't much better... love you Suzi
  • Jul 8, 2012 really depressed today.. miss and love you... Suzi
  • Jul 7, 2012 hey baby... bout to make one of your famous grilled cheese sandwiches... I make one for me... one for you... I think I can eat BOTH this morning!! Suzi
  • Jul 7, 2012 lazy day .... lots of sleeping... helps quiet my mind from all the worries .... love you Suzi
  • Jul 6, 2012 I miss you so much... Suzi
  • Jul 5, 2012 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!!!!! XOXOXO Suzi
  • Jul 5, 2012 July 5 th is your Birthday and I will miss my call to you to tell how much and I love you. And talk about Kali and Suzanne and how much you loved them Happy 58th Birthday! I will love forever and never forget you! unk
  • Jul 5, 2012 wish you were here for your birthday lt
  • Jul 4, 2012 hi dad... lazy day off work... going to try to go thru some of ur clothes and donate them.. not gonna be easy but its got to be done... I found a stack of kali"s baby pics you had... I wish you were here... I love you Suzi
  • Jul 3, 2012 getting ready for work... holiday tomorrow ... I miss you da da Suzi
  • Jul 2, 2012 sux u aren't here to go grab some dinner with... so as is usual these days, I just sit here feeling sorry for myself.. asking why did u do it? so unfair Suzi
  • Jul 2, 2012 let's see if this week will be a little better... love you!!! Suzi
  • Jul 1, 2012 hey dad... another day loving the rain, missing u here to share another lazy day... muahhhh Suzi
  • Jul 1, 2012 Well I wish I had a clue as to why I have known losts of friends and family who have died so far yours is the hardest.....guess cause there was no closer,,,, you left a lot of people in pain lt
  • Jul 1, 2012 Well K & d messed with a beehive and got stung!!The party is on and you would be proud.... miss you much, we all do!! lt
  • Jun 30, 2012 hey baby.... it's thundering and pouring rain... one of ur favorite things... hope it does this all weekend ... love you so much Suzi
  • Jun 30, 2012 it's beer.thirty, dad... not much else to do here... I love u very much Suzi
  • Jun 29, 2012 this weather ain't helping my hot flashes .... I've taken over ur spot on the couch to see if that helps ...
    :-) love u frostbite!!
  • Jun 28, 2012 good morning baby... I'm sure u were with Kali the other nite.. thanks for protecting ur baby girl... we love and miss u... xoxoxo Suzi
  • Jun 27, 2012 well your birthday blow out is this weekend in your favorite spot. Promise to play the song from deliverance!!! lt
  • Jun 27, 2012 good morning my love... Suzi
  • Jun 26, 2012 again... dont wanna go to work... love you Suzi
  • Jun 25, 2012 sure wish i didn't have to go to work today ... love you Suzi
  • Jun 23, 2012 it's another lazy day ... I miss you Suzi
  • Jun 23, 2012 I think it's gonna be a pizza nite, dad... still can't. believe you eat a whole one by yourself!! oink oink.... lol... love you Suzi
  • Jun 22, 2012 4 months today... still wondering why you did it... I love you so much... I miss you Suzi
  • Jun 21, 2012 wide awake at 3:00 a.m. this sux, dad! ! Suzi
  • Jun 20, 2012 up at 4:00 again ... sux!!! miss the smell of your coffee in the mornings ... love you Suzi
  • Jun 19, 2012 4:00 a.m. can't sleep... I love you Suzi
  • Jun 18, 2012 another work week ahead... being at work keeps my mind occupied ... that's a good thing ... love you Suzi
  • Jun 17, 2012 The Carnes Funeral Home Staff offers our sincerest condolences to the entire Gibson family. It was our honor to serve your family.
    Carnes Funeral Home Staff
  • Jun 17, 2012 another day without you ... it's like living in a bad dream. :-( Suzi
  • Jun 16, 2012 oh da da... I wish I was with're in such a better place than here... I love u very much... I miss u... Suzi
  • Jun 16, 2012 oh dad... why u leave us. that way... my mind never stops wondering why... WTF?? I need you Suzi
  • Jun 15, 2012 Friday...finally ... I love you!! Suzi
  • Jun 15, 2012 dad, I sure do wish u were here for me to talk to... I miss our talks... love you!! Suzi
  • Jun 14, 2012 da da.. been up since 4:30... granny in the hospital for the same thing she had in December.. wish u were here to help me deal with everything. again.. we all miss u... its not easy to put on a happy face every day when I'm so unhappy without you... I love u so much Suzi
  • Jun 14, 2012 hey baby... it's been a very very long day... I miss u so much... I love u!! Suzi
  • Jun 13, 2012 I love u da da... Suzi
  • Jun 13, 2012 Your Name: Preview: oh God, miss you so much, The family is planning your birthday party/wake!!
    It is really hard for all of us, So much truth came out with your death wish I knew if it was good or bad. I guess it was good just hard for us to swallow. I know
    i needed the truth I just wish I had nt got it because you died. Love you brother. The brat wants to get a tattoo on her arm the has a heart and your death date and Scotts....dont care for tattoos but I dont think I will fight her on this one. We love you forever!!!

  • Jun 12, 2012 good morning sweetie.. love u bunches Suzi
  • Jun 10, 2012 good morning .. I love and miss you very much Suzi
  • Jun 9, 2012 no point in telling u how this week has been... I'm sure u already know... shame shame on u for not being here... so unfair.... somehow I need to realize ur not gonna ever be here for me again... FML Suzi
  • Jun 7, 2012 good morning dad... just sitting here trying to wake up with punkin and Chanel.. I so tired ... love you Suzi
  • Jun 6, 2012 hi da da .... another day wondering why ... not fair!!! Suzi
  • Jun 5, 2012 I LOVE AND MISS YOU Suzi
  • Jun 4, 2012 hey dad.... a day of doing absolutely nothing ... I miss u very much... Suzi
  • Jun 2, 2012 hi sweetie... lazy day here... just sitting here with the critters chillin .. I love you!!! Suzi
  • Jun 1, 2012 da da... it's graduation day for Hunter... finished 3rd in her senior class!!! yayyyy!!
  • May 31, 2012 hi sweetie... been crazy around here lately... I miss u... sure wish u were here... I love u!! Suzi
  • May 30, 2012 hi my love... long day at work...but it's over... 3 days to go!!! I miss u!!
    I love u! !
  • May 28, 2012 hi da da .... I love u baby Suzi
  • May 27, 2012 hey angel... I LOVE AND MISS YOU!!! Suzi
  • May 27, 2012 hi sweetie ... missing you so much.. Suzi
  • May 25, 2012 hey baby.... off work till Tuesday ... plenty time to sleep!! I love u and miss u so much .. Suzi
  • May 25, 2012 I love you! Iris
  • May 24, 2012 morning sweetie... I sure do wish u were here... ur missing out on so much with the girls right now... love you Suzi
  • May 23, 2012 good morning dad... I miss u very much Suzi
  • May 23, 2012 another tough day, dad.... it really sux... Suzi
  • May 21, 2012 busy day at work, dad... another awards program for Hunter tonite for her tennis... love u lots!! Suzi
  • May 20, 2012 been sleeping since Friday, dad... now I'm awake, I'm nit sure what to do from here ... I miss u so much Suzi
  • May 19, 2012 Thinking of you so much today. With love! Iris
  • May 17, 2012 good morning dad!!!! Suzi
  • May 16, 2012 well dad, at 11:59 tonight your baby Kali will turn 21... wish her a happy birthday somehow ... watch over her ... wish you were here ... I love you Suzi
  • May 15, 2012 good morning dad... time for work... something to keep my mind busy ... I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH... Suzi
  • May 15, 2012 hey angel... long day... miss you so much... I love you always and forever... ma ma is going nite nite... I love u so much... Suzi
  • May 14, 2012 We love and miss you frosty many memories, would like to know your resting place,please god bless,
    Pete,Donna Sanchez
  • May 13, 2012 dad, I miss you... wish you were here with me for mothers day today ... I miss my best friend.. Suzi
  • May 13, 2012 It is ironic. The minute he would hit the Midwest
    Joplin Missouri , just like a magnet he would head to mom and dad graves. Never missed a trip. This year he will be burried with mom. I hope he knows much he is loved! Until we meet in heaven always know you are loved. Happy Mothers Day! Iris

  • May 12, 2012 dad!!!! Kali did it ... she graduated from Galveston College .... I'm so proud and I know you are too... wish you were here with us.. I miss you so much... it hurts really bad ... I love you, frosty... I just love you so much Suzi
  • May 11, 2012 your baby girl is graduating from college today!!! I love you Suzi
  • May 10, 2012 good morning ..
    I LOVE YOU, DAD!!!
  • May 9, 2012 hi sweetie... I love u so much and I miss u.... having a good day at work so far... hope the rest of the day stays like this.... love ya Suzi
  • May 9, 2012 hi sweetie... I love u so much and I miss u.... having a good day at work so far... hope the rest of the day stays like this.... love ya Suzi
  • May 8, 2012 hi baby.. I'm really mad at you ... but you know I love you always... and I always have .. Suzi
  • May 7, 2012 good morning baby ... I don't wanna go to work!! love u! ! Suzi
  • May 7, 2012 hi dad ... I slept all day... what a waste if time... miss u... Suzi
  • May 6, 2012 good. morning baby ... I love u!!!! Suzi
  • May 6, 2012 I sleepy dad... I love u.... nitey note... muahhhh Suzi
  • May 5, 2012 good morning baby ... got a battery for the truck yesterday .. $98!! can't. believe it cost. so much.. I wish you were here... I miss you so much ..I love you!! Suzi
  • May 4, 2012 good morning dad... i gave marshall away to a friend of mine... she has a great home... now we have 8 doggies left!! punkin shre misses sleeping with you :-(
    gotta get ready for work... i miss you...
  • May 3, 2012 hi da da.. ma ma misses u so very much... Suzi
  • May 3, 2012 hey dad... went to ur baby's piano recital last nite.. she was amazing, of course... but u already know that!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!
  • May 2, 2012 In my thoughts today and every day!
  • May 1, 2012 good morning dad... i love u Suzi
  • Apr 30, 2012 hi da da... did a lot of soul searching today... i love.& miss u so much.. Suzi
  • Apr 28, 2012 hey baby.... here comes another day.. help me out here... i love u Suzi
  • Apr 28, 2012 hey dad... i love & miss u very much... im so depressed i dont know what to do.. :-( Suzi
  • Apr 27, 2012 up at 2:00 a.m. AGAIN Suzi
  • Apr 27, 2012 why u take the fuckin easy way out... do u have a clue yet as to what u have done to ur family? its a damn shame... ur free now... & i have ro deal with all this BS now... Suzi
  • Apr 26, 2012 good morning, baby.... i miss u Suzi
  • Apr 26, 2012 ur baby has a piano recital next wednesday... u better be there!!! <i know u will be> i love u & i miss u so friggin much... MUAHHHHHH Suzi
  • Apr 25, 2012 hi baby... off work half.. gotta take hewwo kitty to the ins. company today... she got a lil hail damage... whaaaaa Suzi
  • Apr 25, 2012 good mirning, baby... i!!! Suzi
  • Apr 24, 2012 been up since 2:00 a.m.
    nice... NOT!!
    miss u
  • Apr 23, 2012 long, rough day, dad... finally home... love u!! Suzi
  • Apr 23, 2012 oh, please stop... Suzi
  • Apr 23, 2012 nite angel... all my love is with u... horrible horrible weekend without u... hunter & ferdo said they miss their frostbite... dad... pls... pls... pls... somehow help me understand... im just getting worse, day by day... Suzi
  • Apr 23, 2012 <3 Suzi
  • Apr 22, 2012 dad, 2 months today.. but on this game i play, i was able to play the word FROSTY... i love u, baby Suzi
  • Apr 22, 2012 I miss you!
  • Apr 22, 2012 Some of us miss u so much we cant deal .......... LT
  • Apr 22, 2012 but at the end of the day, no matter what happens, i still love u, as i always have... i just miss u so much Suzi
  • Apr 21, 2012 u know what dad? this is a f'cked up day... here i am alone with nobody to help me do a damn thing... the yard is a hell hole.. trees down in the yard.. ur truck in the driveway with no fuckin keys ... dead battery... grass up over my knees... hail damage to ur truck, my jag, & hunters car... FML Suzi
  • Apr 21, 2012 count on me
    jefferson starship
  • Apr 21, 2012 been up since 5:00... i sure miss u Suzi
  • Apr 21, 2012 dad, another friday... why u leave all of us? this aint fair... not at all... i gotta go to counseling now to try to deal with ur absence... what i gonna do now, without u... someday i'll know.... Suzi
  • Apr 20, 2012 dad, this aint gonna be a good day
  • Apr 20, 2012 dad, i go nite nite already.. i love u Suzi
  • Apr 19, 2012 good morning angel Suzi
  • Apr 19, 2012 good morning angel Suzi
  • Apr 19, 2012 oh da da... ma ma so sleepy... i miss u being here with me... Suzi
  • Apr 18, 2012 i love u Suzi
  • Apr 18, 2012 Thinking of you with love! Iris
  • Apr 18, 2012 DAD...... WHY?? Suzi
  • Apr 18, 2012 dad, time to go nitey nite.... ma ma LOVES YOU.... <3 Suzi
  • Apr 17, 2012 hi dad... done with work... yayyy... xoxo Suzi
  • Apr 17, 2012 been up since 3 a.m. another rough nite... so unfair... but i love u Suzi
  • Apr 17, 2012 oh, dad, long day... gonna try to get a good nite's rest.. love u... Suzi
  • Apr 17, 2012 oh dad the weather this morning is AWFUL... thunder.. lightening... bad rain... love u, baby Suzi
  • Apr 16, 2012 i going to bed, da da... miss u Suzi
  • Apr 15, 2012 morning sweetie.... I LOVE YOU!! Suzi
  • Apr 15, 2012 got a good nap today... miss u so much, dad Suzi
  • Apr 14, 2012 Miss you so much!
    Your baby sister:(
  • Apr 14, 2012 Ok.... LT
  • Apr 14, 2012 good morning angel Suzi
  • Apr 14, 2012 i so sleepy... nite nite...

    i <3 u
  • Apr 13, 2012 gran & miss u so much... Suzi
  • Apr 13, 2012 morning baby Suzi
  • Apr 13, 2012 nite nite sweetheart...
    ma ma sleepy...
  • Apr 12, 2012 I not feel good, da da... headed home... I love u!!! Suzi
  • Apr 12, 2012 secrets.. attitude... really? lol... I asked a simple question for everybody of who u were.. the secrets r urs, obviously... & u can keep them.. Suzi
  • Apr 12, 2012 good morning baby... love & miss u Suzi
  • Apr 12, 2012 He seems to have a family of about 20 or more you dont even seem to know.........and we all know he is gone. Why is it a big secret with you? I am not understanding why u seem to have an attitude with me?? Frosty had many people who love him. I'' confused Lt
  • Apr 12, 2012 who is ur husband? and nobody knew he passed away but his family... so just wondering how u even know... Suzi
  • Apr 12, 2012 Not sure why my last message is not showing up???
    In answer to your question Frosty was my husbands best friend for years. I think they met sometime not to long after you all divorced. When did you all get married again??
  • Apr 12, 2012 finally bringing my husband home with me.. hurts really bad... Suzi
  • Apr 11, 2012 hello my love... Suzi
  • Apr 11, 2012 good morning dad... I love you!! Suzi
  • Apr 11, 2012 hey baby... I sure do miss u... really tired today... gonna lay down.... love u Suzi
  • Apr 10, 2012 hi LT... I dont think I know u.... sorry... how do u know frosty? just asking :-) Suzi
  • Apr 10, 2012 good morning da da... didnt sleep too good... but ive gotta pull myself up & face the day... p.s. I found one of ur stinky socks under the couch... ewwww!!!! love u... Suzi
  • Apr 10, 2012 Frostina, does anyone really know U?? I think not.... LT
  • Apr 10, 2012 long day in grand jury with jail docket today... I gonna take me a nap.. love u bunches Suzi
  • Apr 9, 2012 morning, baby... ma ma loves u Suzi
  • Apr 9, 2012 hi baby... kali & hunter & ferdo are here with me... wish u were here... I miss u so much... lots of tears today... I love u Suzi
  • Apr 9, 2012 hi baby... kali & hunter & ferdo are here with me... wish u were here... I miss u so much... lots of tears today... I love u Suzi
  • Apr 8, 2012 LOL!!!! The brat is doing her report on the Trinity River............
    wonder where that idea came from??
  • Apr 8, 2012 I LOVE YOU Suzi
  • Apr 8, 2012 Happy Easter, baby... I love u... I miss u... Suzi
  • Apr 8, 2012 It's Easter.........
    sending you dots from: "The Family"
  • Apr 8, 2012 hi baby... slept all day... just dont feel like doing anything.. miss u Suzi
  • Apr 8, 2012 We love you frostina!!! LT
  • Apr 7, 2012 good morning, da da... ma ma loves u... I just cant believe u did this... why... why... why? u've made me sad.. u've turned my life into a horrible nightmare... Suzi
  • Apr 7, 2012 thinking of u.. I love u Suzi
  • Apr 6, 2012 good friday... day off of work... nothing to do, or at least nothing I WANT to do... Suzi
  • Apr 6, 2012 hi sweetie.. 4:30 a.m. here... been up a couple hours... 3 day weekend.. I plan on doing a lot of sleeping.. love u... Suzi
  • Apr 5, 2012 good morning... thinking of u... as always Suzi
  • Apr 5, 2012 love u Suzi
  • Apr 4, 2012 came home sick, da da.. I just dont feel so good today... going to try to sleep... love & miss u so much... Suzi
  • Apr 4, 2012 good morning my love Suzi
  • Apr 4, 2012 good morning my love Suzi
  • Apr 4, 2012 damn it, I love u Suzi
  • Apr 4, 2012 $385 ar the vet ... now what I gonna do? damn.... miss u... love u... Suzi
  • Apr 4, 2012 going to pick tiny tott up at the vet... she sick... love u!! Suzi
  • Apr 3, 2012 good morning... miss u Suzi
  • Apr 2, 2012 hey dad... home from work... gotta take tiny tott to the vet... help!!! love u bunches... Suzi
  • Apr 2, 2012 Frosty
    You left way to soon. I wish you could hve come for the holidays. Everyone loved you so. Your were a cool uncle too. I will always love you. My baby brother!
  • Apr 2, 2012 hi sweetie... woke up late AGAIN!!! ughhhh.. love u Suzi
  • Apr 2, 2012 dad, I hope u hear me when i'm talking to u..
  • Apr 2, 2012 Thinking of you so much today! Iris
  • Apr 2, 2012 love u da da... Suzi
  • Apr 1, 2012 wish u were here Suzi
  • Apr 1, 2012 morning, baby... ma ma misses u... love u ... Suzi
  • Mar 31, 2012 YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND by QUEEN... u know this song... Suzi
  • Mar 31, 2012 good morning, ... I sure miss u... Suzi
  • Mar 31, 2012 I am loving me some memories of Mr.Forrest Issac Gibson! AKA Frosty . Iris
  • Mar 31, 2012 i'm so heart broken.. why did u leave me? Suzi
  • Mar 31, 2012 hey, dad... just watched new moon... & now breaking dawn... for the 100th time... I know even MORE WORDS TO THE MOVIES now than I did when we'd watch them & u would laff at me.... wish I could see u smile & hear u laff... although in my mind, I hear u & see u every day... love u.... Suzi
  • Mar 30, 2012 good morning, da da.. another friday upon us.. missing u Suzi
  • Mar 29, 2012 hi... I love u... Suzi
  • Mar 29, 2012 good morning, baby... why did u leave all of us... I wish I could turn back time & wish I could have let u know everything would be ok... Suzi
  • Mar 29, 2012 Love you! Always did and always will! You are always on my mind. Iris
  • Mar 28, 2012 hi dad... got kali's rent car.. I miss u, frosty... Suzi
  • Mar 28, 2012 I wish u were here.. I love u Suzi
  • Mar 28, 2012 I am so friggin mad at u rite now... I went to the building u chose to leave all if us & I cant friggin figure WHY U DID THIS TO ME, TO KALI, TO HUNTER & FERDO, TO GRANNY AND GRAND DAD, TO DONNA, IRIS, TREVA & EVERY FRIGGIN BODY ELSE THAT LOVES U SO MUCH... I AM HURTING SOOO BAD... Suzi
  • Mar 28, 2012 ur daughrer just wrecked her car.. she is ok, but the car is not... $1000 deductible... oh dad, pray for us please... Suzi
  • Mar 27, 2012 been a long day, baby... heading home... missing u so much Suzi
  • Mar 27, 2012 I loved my brother! Irris
  • Mar 27, 2012 nitey nite, da da... I sleepy... love u Suzi
  • Mar 26, 2012 time to get ready for work... ughhhh... dont wanna go!!! xoxo Suzi
  • Mar 26, 2012 time for bed... I love u Suzi
  • Mar 26, 2012 You were loved... Terri and Stanley
  • Mar 25, 2012 Missing you so much!
    Thinking all the fun stuff we used to do...
  • Mar 25, 2012 good morning, baby... sure do miss u... I love u Suzi
  • Mar 24, 2012 well, the yard didnt get done... I dont wanna even go outside.. not a good day.. just missing u so much Suzi
  • Mar 24, 2012 good morning, dad... gonna try to get the yard mowed today... help!!! love u... Suzi
  • Mar 24, 2012 hey, baby... friday nite again... missing u... i'm lonely without u... I miss u so much... Suzi
  • Mar 23, 2012 good morning, sweetie... thinking of you Suzi
  • Mar 23, 2012 I love u.... nite nite Suzi
  • Mar 22, 2012 ok da da.. after 3 tries, I finally got ur guitar out the pawn shop... yayyy Suzi
  • Mar 22, 2012 da da... been up since 2:00 again.. u shud be here with me... I need u.. Suzi
  • Mar 22, 2012 Thinking of you and missing you so much!
    I will never stop loving you.
  • Mar 21, 2012 I love u Suzi
  • Mar 21, 2012 im tired, da da... wish u were here... goodnite... I miss u & love u so much.... xoxo Suzi
  • Mar 21, 2012 ok, how many times we gonna watch the twulight movies? a million!!! I sure miss u laffing at me!!! Suzi
  • Mar 20, 2012 miss u so much... Suzi
  • Mar 20, 2012 We miss you & love you Frost Bite ! <3 Hunter & Ferdo
  • Mar 20, 2012 been up since 1:00 a.m. thinking bout u, dad... it's 3:30 now... miss u Suzi
  • Mar 20, 2012 Thinking of you every minute of my day!
  • Mar 20, 2012 hey dad, rough day at work.. I love u bunches Suzi
  • Mar 19, 2012 We all loved you very much. RIP, brother Frosty's other family
  • Mar 19, 2012 hey, da da, nite nite time... love u bunches Suzi
  • Mar 18, 2012 good morning, my love... Suzi
  • Mar 18, 2012 da da, watching swamp people without u is just not the same... love u so much... miss u... <3 Suzi
  • Mar 17, 2012 Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family. Only got to visit with Frosty at one family reunion, but thought he was a real sweetheart. Wish we had all lived closer. Love you all... Nancy Kincade Haley
  • Mar 17, 2012 good morning, baby.. I love.u... Suzi
  • Mar 17, 2012 In addition, I'm sorry that you didn't get the opportunity to meet your beautiful great-great niece Miss Saige ... you would have adored her :) Melissa
  • Mar 17, 2012 We weren't very far apart in years and we sometimes argued like siblings but I have always adored you. Sorry to say goodbye to my only uncle and you will be sorely missed by all of us - Newt, Syd, Shea and I. XOXOXOXO Melissa
  • Mar 17, 2012 Miss you everyday! I love you so much! Treva King
  • Mar 17, 2012 I love my brother and will miss him greatlt.He is with Mom and Dad now and at peace my prayers are with him and family. Treva King
  • Mar 17, 2012 its friday nite.. u shud be here with me, da da... :-( Suzi
  • Mar 17, 2012 I will miss you every minute for the rest of my life. I love you!

  • Mar 16, 2012 Frosty, I have loved you for 24 years.. and will love you for the rest of my life.. i miss you so much.. Suzi