Dorothy Mae Crawford

  • Aug 2, 2020 Dorothy was a dear cousin. What I remember most, was Dorothy\'s positive attitude about life in general; this was only matched by her natural beauty. Dorothy also had an affinity for family history; remembering dates, events and people.
    Rest in sweet peace.
    Ramona Castex Williams
  • Aug 1, 2020 Cheryl, I\'m praying God\'s constant, everlasting comfort for you and your family. May the sweet, cherished memories of your Mother help to ease some of your pain as the God of Peace comforts your heart. Pamela Miller
  • Aug 1, 2020 Dorothy was/still is, my big sister. This is the term we used when referring to her, my oldest sister. My big sister was like a second mother to us. She stood in my mother\'s stead when she was running errands or wasn\'t around to give advice or guidance. My big sister gave us our marching orders as children and we marched accordingly. As adults, we sought out her wise advice, knew that she was always willing to listen and would shoot straight from the hip with a big dose of humor to make the medicine go down easier. My big sister was a good person and matter of fact; exactly the way you want someone that leads to be. My big sister is no longer here to give her advice, make phone calls so I can just hear her voice or bring a smile to my face... Right about here she would think of a perfect joke to tell and I wish I had her wit to honor her in the same way, but instead, I have to be me. She always said she loved my outspokenness and my passion for everything I love and here is where I say, there will never be another like my big sister Dorothy. Whether she is here on earth or up above, I will always love her. I will remember her wit with a smile and I will share her wise advice with those who need it. Dorothy always said I was her hero, but in truth, she was my hero and guiding light. Not a day will go by that she won\'t be missed. Carol Foote-Sadler