Caiden Jon Grosenheider

  • Aug 7, 2018 The death of a child is one of the most painful losses a parent can experience. The Bible holds out a resurrection
    hope for Caiden. For more info, type the following link into your tablet, computer or smart phone to learn more about the Bible\'s hope for our loved ones:
  • Aug 2, 2018 Cadien had such exciting things to talk about, I always admired and listened to him. He had a a great personality and was always thinking of stuff to come up with that he could make better. He was a strong young man. Fly with the angels little buddy you will never be forgotten
    Lorrie LeBlanc
  • Aug 2, 2018 Caiden lived a more fulfilling life than many who have gone into old age! Christian Harman
  • Aug 2, 2018 Caiden brought so much joy to his family & friends. His faith in God & his strength fighting a horrible disease is inspiring! Even though Caiden\'s journey here on Earth is over, I hope that his family knowing he\'s at peace with our Lord comforts them. Della