Benneta Iona Parks

Benneta Parks


Benneta was born in Alice, Texas on January 14, 1946 to Melvin and Mattie Alice Swanner.  Her sister Linda lives in San Antonio with husband Bob. She grew up in McAllen, Texas.  After high school she attended the Lily Jolly School of Nursing in Houston, Texas, preparing to be a medical missionary.  There she met George, whom she married on July 2, 1966.  She and George had two children, a daughter Melanie, born in 1968, and Jeremy, born in 1971.  Altogether she had six grandchildren.

In the early years of her marriage she worked as a key punch operator at various plants in the Gulf Coast area.  One of her greatest loves was the Christian bookstore that she and George owned with another couple in the mid-70’s.  By the early 80’s she was a stay-at-home mom and worked with George in various ministries at her church in Dickinson, Texas.  In 1983 she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but symptoms did not become pronounced until the early 90’s.  In spite of the disease she ministered with George at their church until the MS forced her to limit and finally stop her ministry in the late 90’s.

Benneta was, at home, exactly what she appeared to be in public:  humble, gracious,  unpretentious and, above all, godly.  Her primary desire was to serve God and to maintain a godly home for her children and for George.  She worked with her family as a custodian at her church for ten years while also ministering with George in various teaching positions in her church.  Her compassion for others was limitless.

But Benneta was also keenly aware that God had graciously provided them a strong network of godly friends whose primary aim was to serve Christ.  She served side by side with them as long as she was able, and when she could no longer serve, that network of friends set about to minister to her. To the end she was sensitive to their kindness and godliness.  May her friends know how she loved them.  And may our God be honored by their lives and by hers.

The family will receive visitors at 9:30 AM Saturday, May 23, 2015 at Carnes Funeral Home in Texas City.  A memorial service will be held at 10 AM, Brother Mike Higgins officiating.  Following the memorial, a reception will be held in the banquet room of the funeral home.